Help with the IRS where is my refund tool

IMPORTANT – This is not the IRS Where is my refund Tool Website
This site aims to help you find your way to the IRS website and explains a bit on how to use it.
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2013 has surely been an interesting year for anyone having to file tax returns. With the “Where’s my tax” tool on the website it was supposed to be easy to get the current status of your income tax.

How about that ! All was supposed to be easier for the tax payer, but as with all things technology, many of us are still waiting for a status on our tax.

On the their blog, the US goverment admits that there are delays – sure .. the post is from February 2013, but not much has changed – we are still having problems. It seems however that the IRS thinks that this has more to do with people not knowing how to use their “Where is my refund Tool” found here.

I think that the issue has to do with the information the IRS tool needs, below a bit of explanation (the images are taken from the actual IRS website … no data can be entered or is collected):

Social Security Number

image of Where is my refund tool website

Image: Where to enter Social Security Number on IRS Where is My Refund site





Filing Status

Make sure to enter the exact same filing status you specified when filing your tax return even if your actual status changed since then.

Image of selection of filing status

Image: Select your Filing Status as shown on your tax return – even if it has changed since then







Refund Amount

Use the amount as shown on your tax return(!)

Image of where to enter the refund amount

Image: Where to enter your refund amount






Another bit which might be of help is the a video published by the IRS aimed to help navigating your way around